“Torreánaz Smart School” CC Torreánaz

Last year, Torreánaz School carried out this project in order to make and achieve a methodological change:

  • Increased coordination.
  • Content reorganization.
  • Change in evaluation.
  • Need for training.
  • Opening to the community.


Getting this, means moving the Smart City to their school. A Smart City is a sustainable city  not only economically but also socially and environmentally. Its objective is “to improve people’s quality of life”. Technology and innovation have caused a change of life model and  also in culture. In a Smart City, the city is configured by people. This kind of city will only be intelligent with intelligent citizens (CC Torreánaz, 2018).


This school wants to improve its teaching quality. To do this, they will try to train students who are protagonists of their own teaching-learning process; they will apply a methodology that makes the student use real life skills which allow them to learn to deal with problems and challenges. In this way, they intend to transform the entire educational community (students, families and teachers) as Smart Citizens prepared for the near future (CC Torreánaz, 2018).


With this project, the Torreánaz school aims to achieve different objectives that seem quite relevant, of which I want to highlight some. In the first place, to improve the student’s school success and as I have mentioned before, they do not want to do it only from the contents established for the different subjects but also to be up to the future problems of real life that they may have. As a consequence of this objective, they will achieve another one that is to improve the satisfaction of students, families and teachers in the center. Mainly families and students will see how what they teach in school will be really useful in their lives. And of course, thanks to this new learning methodology, students will be competent, critical and responsible citizens (CC Toreánaz, 2018)


I would like to compare this project with the one that Dionisio García Barredo has carried out at the CEIP: “All the same, all different”. It should be noted that in this school they admit children with hearing impairment and have made many improvements in their attention. This project wants to carry out some improvement measures in terms of attention to diversity, both students and the different ways of learning. Work on ICT skills in order to improve social inclusion and digital literacy. Foster creativity, working multiple intelligences, especially emotional ones. Create a multilingual school using different languages ​​(English, sign language, French …), cooperate between family, school and community, and finally, create a school that creates and promotes healthy habits (CEIP Dionisio García Barredo, 2018).

Given all this, I think that the Dionisio García Barredo school initiative is very important mainly because of the work they are doing with people with hearing impairment, making children with this problem feel integrated. I think that both projects are going to have very good results, but I think that the integration of all people into society is more important and afterwards we can try to teach them  how to deal with the problems they may have later. It is clear that both objectives are quite related because in order to be fully integrated into society, one must be able to function in it and for this we have to learn many things, but I consider that first the work goes in terms of the treatment of people and then and the knowledge needed for the future life.


This project seems really necessary. Especially preparing students to be able to function in an imminent future by making them develop the relevant competencies that is why it is something that should be integrated in all centers as a project. Nowadays, our educative system provides students certain contents that sometimes students will sooner or later forget or not use in all their lives; on the other hand, it does not take into account teaching how to solve real life problems, which can lead to social unkilled citizens.


Do you think there should be subjects whose objective is to develop skills that will be useful to them in the future?



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  • I have always thought that in the school they teach us different contents which are not as important as what you mention in this article. I believe that there are many aspects that should be taken into account in education and unfortunately they are not. So yes, I think it is necessary to start teaching these subjects.

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