Arno Stern grow up under the Nazi German regime. When he was only 19 he started working in an orphanage with orphaned children owing to the German war.

When he arrives there he saw a box with colors and brushes so he decided use them with their pupils. Quickly all kids started painting. One student expressed his desire of painting in a big paper so Arno achieve it. As soon as this student started painting in his big paper, all students wanted one. When all the children have one, there was a big problem of space wherefore Arno hung up in the wall all painting pages. This are the firsts steps of the creative education.

After watching many students painting, Arno starts realizing how all kids do the same drawings. For verify his hypothesis, he decided to do a worldwide trip. Finally, he concludes that all children in the world paint the same strokes and lines, consequently their paints match and are equally.

Thereupon, he lay the foundations of the creative education that consists in develop the productive capacity using the freedom of expression. This education encourages the kids express oneself without any value judgement and making them feel important. So we reach foster their creativity and their freedom of expression.


The lessons of formulation is what we know as “arts and crafts” in Spanish schools but actually is not only that. While arts and crafts in Spanish schools is associated with a sketchbook, the formulation includes a creative thinking, an autonomy spirit, a space where we can be ourselves expressing us with liberty and a lot of things more.

The formulation lessons have: a big sheet of paper hang up on the wall so your view of the paint is always changing, a few brushes and colors in the middle of the room, an assistant that will make you feel like your work is significant and finally a climate of confidence where you will not be judge by your paint.

When anyone paints, he is drawing is own world so questions like: What is that? It must be omitted. Arno Sterns talks of this saying that the adult is in a position of superiority respect of the kid. The adult may think that he is suggesting interest to the artist but for Arno they are expressing their more deep knowledge in the paintings. In addition, when we are painting we are showing our world. As anyone can see our personal world, no one is allowed to judge about our creations.

Furthermore, we let the students have fun at the same time they are working owing to this the creative education students say when they end a lesson that they were doing a really serious game.

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