The adventure of learning-Spain.

Description and context

The project called “The adventure of learning” is an internet and TV space where you can find information about contents in different areas. The propose of this project is to analyse education practices, spaces and agents engaged in the learning process. It also has a section where that show initiatives which connect the class with the real world. You can visit the website through this link:

All these videos want to highlight the importance of learning experiences in life.

It was born by the union between Instituto nacional de tecnologías educativas y de formación del profesorado (INTEF), Ministerio de educación, cultura y deporte (MECD) and the public programs RTVE, LA and channel la 2

Figure 1. The adventure of learning areas.

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 Why it is relevant

It is a relevant project because it expands knowledge beyond the classroom, it can be applied in the real world, and it asks questions about the complexity of every initiative to make it collaborate.

Figure 2. The adventure of learning experiences.

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Furthermore, it is free, and it haven’t got any commercial use, so it is more accessible for everybody who wants to improve their classes, methods, or projects.

It provides a self-directed and continuous learning experience where the person can integrate his previous ideas with the new ones. The students need to be self-directed, and they can do it with this project.


Compare it with other projects 

I am going to compare this project with “Educación3.0” which is a mean of communication where you can find resources about active methodologies (Project work, gamification, inverted classes), TIC solutions for the teaching-learning process (applications, platforms, games), emotional education (neuroscience, multiple intelligences, alternative pedagogies), computational thinking (robotics, programming, reality increased…). It is also free, like the project “The adventure of learning”, and it has resources at different levels of the school, real experiences, and theoretical content available to those who need it. All the information there is in this page

Other similar project is “Perueduca”. Perueduca is a digital learning system that uses digital educational resources from a wide range of areas. This project includes different media learning formats such as audios, videos, games, texts… (Sanchez, n.d.) As the project described above, Perueduca is free, and can also be used without internet connection. This is the official page:


My personal opinion

From my point of view, this project is very interesting because it allows free access to useful information regarding learning strategies and methods. Furthermore, it allows learning outside of the classroom, and provides practical ideas of projects or/and initiatives that teachers can use in their classes. It also allows the exchange of experiences between professionals in the sector, which helps rebuilding old learning methods and techniques. The part of this project that I like the most is section three, the one in which I talked about the articles. I believe these articles spread essential information that people in our sector should know, because it will change the way we teach and the way students learn.

Do you think that sharing experiences with other teachers is interesting or useful? Would you apply any project that is not yours but seems effective anyway?



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