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Project of CC Torréanaz. SMART SCHOOL

I have selected the “Smart School” project of CC Torreánaz (Medio Cudeyo).



The school has classrooms from 2 years to high school, intermediate and higher degree training cycles. It also has boarding school for girls. The language of the school is Spanish. Regarding the diversity care staff, the school has 3 permanent counselors and 1 intercultural coordinator. This project was prepared in the 2018/19 course.



The project axis is a methodological change based on: an increase in coordination, content reorganization, openness to the community, the need for training and a change in evaluation. To meet these needs, the idea is to apply the philosophy of Smart Cities.

A Smart City is a sustainable city economically, socially and environmentally, whose objective is “to improve the quality of life of people under parameters of sustainability and efficiency”.

The general objectives of the project are:

  • Improve teacher methodology competence
  • Open the center to the community
  •  Improve teaching-learning processes
  • Improve the organization of the center
  • Increase student success
  • Improve the satisfaction of students, families and teachers of the center
  • Train competent, critical and responsible citizens.


Scope of action and description

The main field of action is the curricular field, where they focus on active and participatory methodologies. The justification is based on the fact that from the Torreanaz school, they want their students to be Smart Pupils, that is, the creators of their own learning, forgetting the repetition of content and moving on to an education of critical, reflective and capable people with responsibilities. On the part of the teaching staff, they are in favor of “turning the class around”, forgetting the traditional and systematic system, becoming innovative and dynamic. They want to educate their students in skills that allow them to easily develop in this society.



The project comparison, I will do with the IES LA GRANJA (Heras). The main difference with respect to the context, is that the IES The farm is an institute, which offers the education of ESO and Baccalaureate, while While Torreanaz begins to 2 years until high school.

 The project of this school is very different with that of Torreanaz, since the focus of action and its objectives are very different. The IES LA GRANJA project is called “you are what you eat” and was carried out by students in 1st and 3rd ESO. According to IES La Granja (2019), the main objective of this project is to promote healthy eating habits at these ages, since it is very important due to the great physical and situational change of the students. Regarding my project (Torreanaz), the focus of action is very different, since it focuses on the curricular field, with active and participatory methodologies. I see the similarity in that the project of the IES La Granja, makes protagonists to the students of 1st and 3rd of the ESO making them participants in the change in their eating habits

One of the activities that caught my attention in this project is that the students have breakfast there, that takes a lot of work, but it is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if this habit is improved, it is easier to continue with others.



I believe that innovation projects in schools are necessary, since all innovation brings an improvement, whether for students, for school and even for both.

Regarding the Torreanaz project, I believe that if the general objectives are met they can bring a great improvement to the center, helping students, families and teachers. The objective that I would highlight is that of “Forming competent, critical and responsible citizens.” I believe that for the society in which we live, a citizen educated in values ​​is more important than an incompetent one regarding the difficulties of life.



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