The project

The project that I have chosen for this assignment is called Maths Week. This project is being developed around the whole island of Ireland. The aim of this project is to show a positive image of math. It all started in 2006 by the directors of the Calmast STEM  Outreach Centre at Waterford Institute of Technology Sheila Donegan and Eoin Gill. At first they were trying to introduce little by little math into the Week of Science, but it was not enough so they decided to create a whole math week, as soon as the word spreads far and wide the island more and more people decided to join the project, so finally it became a worldwide project. They realizad that most students had little interest in math so they tried to find a way to show the positive side and the uses math can have in our daily lives. In sort, they wanted to make it people friendly. Along the years a lot of universities, schools, libraries… started to join the project. The aim of this project is to encourage people and showing a different side of math, that even they can be fun, interesting and challenging. Maths Week, takes part in the Ulster museum every 16th of October, where not only kids but also adults can learn math in many different ways throughout games and experimenting.

Comparing with other projects

I would compare this project, to the one being developed in Hungary named Theme Weeks. In this project they do not focus in developing their math skills but into improving their ability with technology; not only the students but also the teachers.

My opinion

From my point of view, I would say Math Week is a great idea. Not only because it shows students the fun side of math but also because it gives them the opportunity to experiment and see amazing things. I am talking from the perspective of a person than since an early age did not like math, so I think that if they had gave me the opportunity the kids have in Ireland about learning math in a more fun way I would probably enjoy more or at least not dislike it. This is why I choose this project, because everyone needs to see both faces of math, the one that we are tough in schools which is the boring, complicated one, but also the one that is fun and easy.


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