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Los Salesianos school starts a project to promote a secure internet

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The school María Auxiliadora, in Santander, will start two projects to foment a more responsible use of the Internet, as an initiative from the project named “my parents go to school too”.
The first project consists in a talk called “being a family in the 21st century”, and it includes workshops and practical activities in which all the family will be able to participate.
The second project will be carried out during all the course, trying to introduce students slowly to the concept “digital citizenship”, so they can use properly new technologies,
The school pretends with this project, among other things, report all the possible risks of using unconsciously the Internet, in order to prevent them.
Also, families will be teach some guidelines and advices to create a save space for the Internet at home.
The school is looking for improve the educational and life quality of all the family trough this projects.

Los Salesianos pone en marcha un proyecto para fomentar un internet seguro. (2019, October 8). Retrieved from

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  • Does the internet now have to be included in the project as necessary. This project can be a big problem. Do you also do that?

    • I don’t feel it like a problem as nowadays almost every school or every person has the oportunity to use the Internet in one way or another.

      • In my opinion, this innovation project agrees with the socioeconomic status of their families. Why would they do it in an area without internet? It doesn’t make sense. We have to do innovation projects which are useful for the social environment.

  • Having read this innovation project, I think it is a great idea. Nowadays the problem is not technology, is not knowing how to use it properly. So it is a good opportunity for students and families to participate in this project.

  • I think that’s a great idea, but… are all teachers prepared to carry out this project? Do they have the necessary knowledge about new technologies? Apart from that, I think nowadays it is necessary to educate about the healthy use of Internet in schools.

  • Taking advantage of something so advanced and with so many resources as the new technologies is a good initiative. I believe these new technologies help students improve their learning process because they produce a transformation in the way students work. Said technological incorporation will be effective as long as it replaces, increases, modifies, and redefines the way of working in the classroom. Also, including parents in this work will make the learning process to go beyond the classroom, and make it posible to work cooperatively between the two.

    On the opposite side of your news, I would like to know what do you think regarding what happened in France:

    So many people who are not related to the education world believe that mobile phones have negative effects in the students’ learning process.

    • It’s true many times phones can distract students in school, but for me that’s not the problem. Prohibing things go nowhere, what we’ve got to do is to teach them when they can use their phones and when they can’t; so they start learning how to behave properly in their adult life, in work or wherever, while they learn about researching using their mobile devices and other applications.

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