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Les Traams Initiative

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The main idea of the Les Traams initiative is to gather experiences on how digital innovation can improve teaching and support the improvement of teachers’ skills in the area of new technologies.

This is part of a national strategy and is aimed at the lower secondary level. It has been initiated by the Directorate of Digital Technologies for Education and General Inspection in France.

The different regional education authorities in France, through teaching teams, gather, evaluate and produce resources for their national database of scenarios (“Edu’bases”). So far, about 700 teachers have participated in 126 teams throughout France producing teaching scenarios in 16 different subjects.


This scheme has been able to generate a new dynamic: the new uses of digital technologies in pedagogical practice are helping to develop new thematic skills, as well as interdisciplinary skills, which in general contribute to the creation of a digital culture.


In France, there is another project called “M@gistère”. This project is based on a platform that offers shared production of personalized distance education courses for teachers and education staff of lower and higher schools.

In this platform, teachers can access distance learning and independent self-training courses. This entire project is managed by the General Directorate of School Education (DGESCO) and, in the 2016-2017 academic year alone, 250,000 teachers participated in these courses.

This project, being designed and put into practice through the Internet, is perfectly spun with the “Les Traams” initiative, since it requires teachers to have knowledge of the use of new technologies.


In my opinion, “Les Traams” is not only a good initiative, but it should exist in all educational systems worldwide. It is the ideal way to get rid of traditional files and save all information, educational plans, collective ideas from different centers, etc … all on the same platform and available to any teacher. It is the ideal way to create a collective curriculum, as well as collective evaluation criteria but at the same time moldable.




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