Nowadays there are many innovative projects. Every day, more and more new ones come into force. However, some of them more play their role in society.


One such project is “Smart lesson for every school”, which was described in the book called “Open Book of Educational Innovation”. It was carried out in Estonia. It is supported in various ways by businesses such as IT, telecommunications, and publishing. However, everything was created by the Informatics Teachers Association.

The main goal of the entire project is to teach everyone regardless of age, not just pupils or students. Teachers from various schools use digital devices, for example: computers, tablets, etc., and then share it in the Facebook group. This is important because in this way everyone can learn something new or deepen their knowledge at every possible moment. Topics such as: digital music creation; digital safety awareness; coding and many more are raised. It also allows to improve the Teaching and Learning process.


We can also notice important relationships that occur during the project, namely:

school-community relationship i education-industry relationship



Another innovative project that we can combine with “Smart lesson for every school” is “Teachers and Facebook: using online groups to improve students’ communication and engagement in education”. It was carried out in Brazil, in various schools.

The main purpose is to teach and deepen knowledge only pupils and students. This is done using the Facebook application. Teachers and students form groups that allow them to easily communicate with each other. Groups are created for educational purposes and can cover any educational topic. This is very important because communication is created between teachers and students — online and in-classroom — and in students ’engagement in the classrooms. In addition, they have the opportunity to become partners in learning for longer times.


Important relationships also occur here:

Collaboration, teacher/student communication, engagement

In my opinion, both projects are necessary and have many advantages, because they allow to acquire knowledge at every possible moment. What’s more, cooperation takes place here on various levels, including education, and between different people or even personalities. Everyone can transfer knowledge to another person.



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