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Here, we have an innovative project called Gutemberg 3D Spain. What this project purpose, is to add the 3d technologies on teachers practice. There are around 110 teachers and 990 students of 11 schools  around Spain working on this project nowadays. This project wants to favor and give facilities to Spanish schools to use 3D printers, also, it wants to apply information and communication  technologies to the improvement of the teaching-learning process. It wants schools working on the internet constantly and the team work between schools too.

It is important to know that each school, focus on its own ejection of the project. An school tried to build a 3D printer, and here we can see the materials they used:

This innovation is relevant because it is something difficult and people need to spend lot of time on it. Only few people know how 3D technology works, so that, there are very few people who can teach the use of it. When someone wants to learn this technologies, they must attend some courses by those who know and then they can use it.

One thing why this project is important, is because students are ready to use it. They can develop prototypes and use them to enhance the school’s resources, also they students can replicate 3D printers and build robots. The project also aims to improve the quality of life of people in the community, for example by printing prosthetics, Braille printers and humanoid robots to help senior citizens exercise.

I can compare this project with the “3D printer in the classroom” a project very similar which took place in Italy. Both projects try to help students and teachers with this type of technology and they want to increase the activities and works with 3D printers. The only difference these two projects have, is that te Italian one has a methodology  based on a storyline. A background story is
organized as a quest with different open problem tasks to solve. The objects created within the tasks are the key pieces for moving on with the story. In the Gutenberg project, there is not a topic which students have to use this technology, in the Spanish project they just teach how to use it and how many advantages it has in education.

From my point of view, it is always a fantastic idea the use of technology in education, it help students to be motivated and it is faster and funnier for them. When I read about Gutemberg 3D innovative project, I though about me when I was at school and I am sure that I would have never learned how to use it. But I think the things have changed, nowadays students have the mind more opened, so that, I consider it is an advantage to education. On the other hand, It is very difficult to learn and what most students must do , is to not be impatient to learn 3D technologies.

All in all, technology mean evolution, and that is always an advantage.

What do you think about learning with 3D technology, is it too difficult for students?






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