The project in which I am going to base my work is an educative innovation project of the Eugenio Perojo school in Lierganes, which is called “The school I always dreamt of”.

They decided to start this new method because it was a way to work were the students were the principal learners and could find sense of their learnings.

This change because of some big important problems which were detected in the school like: loss of interest and little motivation from the teachers, low self esteem, very little value for the students and the families who live a long way from the school.

Once they were offered about working in this project they saw that they would be working on their values: individualization, socialization, activity, creativity, freedom, normalizacion and globalization, as well as motivating the pupils  with new innovative materials like the technologie immersion in the classroom: radio, TV, web … And last but not least important because every teacher in the school dreamt about the school being different from others, that would be a growing wellness place.


Some of the curiosities or tips that this new method of teaching follows are:  firstly they program by contexts; each classroom is divided in areas where they do differents types of work, on the other hand, they respect the principle activity of the children, that says that “the most the students can do alone the less the teacher needs to help them” also all the activities comes from all the children interest and have a purpose.

Another curiosity that this project has is mixing ages by school years , that is because they learn from each other by helping each other and they begin to develop social skills making friends.

In relation with the activities they make based on children’s interests they also adapt the activities according to the level of each child.

A very important thing is that the pupils start evaluating their own work since an early age.



I would like to compare this innovation project with one from the school Gerardo Diego in Los Corrales, Cantabria.

This educational project, revolves around the library because it works like a educational agent, cultural center, reading place and where students can make some activities where they could expose their works.

The main function of the library is showing the works that students have made to their families, friends and teachers. 

Both of the innovation projects are very different and unique one to the other and it is very difficult to compare them.

We can appreciate that the project “La Biblioteca de Amelia” is a simpler project that doesn’t work classroom by classroom because it is a more generic project where every  grade have a meeting point that is the library, while the other one “Liérganes, la escuela que siempre soñé” is a bigger project in which they are using a different method and they do different activities depending on the grade where the teacher is working.

As a similar point between them, we can say, that both of them are focus on the children’s interests and motivating them to make them like going to school and learn in a more exciting way.

                MY POINT OF VIEW

I find more useful and efficient the fist project because from my point of view it has a more entertaining and complete way of working, in which you can include more activities

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  • The project is really good. It is so important these days for teachers to do their work with the greatest possible commitment and encourage their students to do it.
    What if the second project has been improved? Would you support it?

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