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CEIP Vital Alsar (Santander) Rethinking is a need


As we can see in different texts as in the sociological theories of Rafael Feito’s education, education in the last 200 years has not changed, that is, current teachers and schools, continue to do the same, making the same mistakes or even more , because the needs of children and how the pace of life has changed in recent years makes the current educational system is further from achieving the student’s educational needs than before, because we want to admit it or not the school is one of the places where there is more fear of change. I think this is because the q that they send, are much more comfortable and safe in their day to day, if they are governed by traditional methodologies, since in this way, they will be able to have greater control both in the actions and in the thoughts of the students.

The proyect

With all this we find the project of the Vital school of Alsar, in which once or twice a year parents, teachers and students meet to see the new innovative methods that occur to them or that they have seen in other schools of Cantabria and they can implement them, they do it under the thought of rethinking it is necessary.
Then I will explain what the project consisted in the first part of the sessions, teachers from the “Peña Cabarga” Group Rural Center participated; and of the schools «José Escandón», of Soto de la Marina; «The Bridges», of Colindres; «Virgen de la Cama», by Escalante; «Eugenio Perojo», by Liérganes and «Vital Alsar», by Santander, in a round table entitled «Innovating in the Cantabrian public». Later, and at the end of the morning, the director of the Alip CEIP – Ramón y Cajal de Zaragoza intervened presenting in Cantabria the experience of innovative education that has earned them to be named 2016 ChangeMaker School by the network of social entrepreneurs Ashoka Spain.

The afternoon session began with a visit accompanied by the Vital Alsar public school, to learn more about its facilities and its experience of educational change of its 6 years of life. And he continued with a new round table, in which the children were the protagonists, analyzing themselves, through direct testimonies and under the title of ‘And after a school like ours, what?’, The experience of the students coming of educational centers that have opted for an innovative pedagogical model when they access secondary education.During the conference, a pioneering activity took place in this type of conference, in which about thirty children, mothers, fathers and teachers jointly designed the conceptual model of “the Public School we want”, through participation in workshops with the Lego® Serious Play® methodology from which the claim of an open, transparent, experimental and integrated public school arose with the nature and diversity of its students.

My point of view

From my point of view, the innovative project proposed by the vital alsar, from my point of view, is more than interesting, because it is in one of the few projects that I have seen, where the children’s options are taken into account, in addition to the opinion of their families, and where the maximum development of the student is sought, which there are many ways to get him out, being the worst of all from my point of view the traditional methodology, which in my opinion serves to create robots or repetition machines and predetermined ideas, when in internet times as they are today, sociable people should be trained, with critical thinking skills, assertive, with personality and desire to learn that it is another of the things that are lost in traditional systems.

It´s your turn

Finally, I would like to know your opinion about the current school, and that you comment on how you think the modern school should be, I think that together we will be able to make the school, the place where we have fun, learn and form our safety children and enjoy it.

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José Ramón Ruiz Cobo

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