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¨Fernando de los ríos¨ is a school located in Torrelavega wich is the second biggest city in Cantabria. This school is carrying a safety vial project, it consists on create four secure rutes for the students.  


The mayority of schools have conferences of this type of education. This used to be taught by the  Local Police, with this what they are trying is to minimize the risks of accidents.


The innovation that makes this school new and different than the others is that they take it to practice in the real life. They work together with APEMEV (Torrelavega´s Local Police) and DGT. They ask to the parents through surveys to make an assessment of the routes, designing four paths of a safe path.

It is important to know that inside the ¨Vial Education¨ one of the key points that the DGT is developing is the proyect called ‘safe school path’ which basically is an instrument thanks to which we intend to ensure that the transfer or departure and arrival of children to schools can be done in a safe, autonomous and ultimately enhancing road safety.


Nowadays, more and more school is adding this new proyect in its classes. Fernando de los ríos school was the first one.


  • CEIP Fernando de los ríos (2018). Vial Education Proyect.

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