Can we innovate in small schools?


Our school is lay and public. It is called CEIP Flavio San Román where most of the classes are instructed in Spanish. You can find it in Cicero. Most of the students are from there or near villages.

The center has 2 floors. The first-floor show as a dining room, a computer area, 6 rooms of childhood education, a library, a music room, secretary offices, and bathrooms. On the other hand, the second floor owns multiple rooms dedicated to guiding teachers and for helping children with educative necessities. It is not clear if they have an elevator because they do not specify anything either on the website or in photos. Furthermore, they say on their website that they are working on improving accessibility.

They have also complimentary services like the dining area or the homeroom which you can go before school starts.

The building has children between the ages of 2 at 12. They have a program for children of 2 years so they can start earlier school. We can find a small population in this village so for this reason, it is not possible to see big rooms full of students.

The project

It is a project to improve creativity and spatial thinking in their students doing different activities like geolocation exercises or changing the ring tone for music to go to the break.

Was created in 2016 and it continues to our days. They have made many structural reforms to the building to develop a properly innovation project.

One thing I have liked about this project is that they have a poetic action section based on @accionpoetica where kids paint a wall with famous poetic sentences.

Another thing which I think is really original is making sand art in Cantabria’s beaches. It is a fantastic way to improve creativity. In addition, if you like mindfulness you will be delighted with the idea of teaching it in class.

Also, we can find more different innovation activities like making a school garden with recycling materials. Moreover, with this activity, our kids will improve their creativity at the same time they are learning to be respectful with the environment.

Figure 1. Screenshot of CEIP Flavio San Román website. By CEIP Flavio San

Román (2017).

Comparing projects

 I will compare the innovation project of CEIP CISNEROS.

In first place finding the CEIP Cisneros innovation project is more difficult than the other one. While in the CEIP Flavio San Román has less information than the CEIP Cisneros project.

In both of them are transversal projects, so we can find it in all subjects. Also, both have a homeroom project for going earlier to school and a multiple-use room.

However, they have many things in common but CEIP Cisneros is focused on afternoon workshops and the main idea from CEIP Flavio San Román is doing these innovations during class time.

One of my favorite parts of the CEIP Cisneros project is a workshop on studying techniques. It is important to help students to find their way of learning.

My opinion

In my personal opinion, I believe that the CEIP Cisneros project is not developing new knowledge in education because making a workshop in the afternoon is what we all have done when we were in the primary.

I find more innovative the CEIP Flavio San Román project because it is focused on creativity and spatial intelligence while CEIP Cisneros only innovate in workshops in the afternoon.

Also, one thing I liked about CEIP Cisneros is the school garden for the reason that there are not small schools that have a school garden. We can usually find them in big schools. Another thing that I approve of is creating a model in the augmented reality of the school building. I think is essential that the instructors educate the little ones in TIC’s for reach or adapt a better place in the society

To conclude, according to what I said, I think that I had chosen very different innovative projects. One is a typical innovation project which is based on workshops and the other is a more different innovative project.



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  • I like the idea of avoiding architectural barriers and the willing that they have to improve more and more the school building when they have money. Also, in the future when I work as a teacher I would like to do the other part of the project that consists of improving the natural environment of the school.

  • A very creative idea. One such sand sculpture could be seen in San Sebastian on Playa de la Concha, it was really great. And an idea with a bell for a break. When I went to high school, instead of normal bells, students played music, it was a nice change, because now my school is quiet as in the forest, heh.

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