Arno Stern is a German born in 1924 and who flees to France with his family when Hitler takes power.

At 22, he began working in an orphanage with orphaned children of war and whose main role was to occupy leisure time with the few means he had. He decides to put them to draw, giving rise to free expression studio so that they express what they feel, without judgments or comparisons. Thus he achieves what he calls “Creative Education“, which takes place in a place protected by four walls and has a table of paintings in the middle.


He spends 12 years of his life traveling to see if the needs presented by these children were also presented by people from other places, regardless of their way of life. As a result, he saw that given very specific conditions, a Universal Code came to light because, as Stern affirm, people paint what comes out of their interior, from their “organic memory“.

Stern has been dedicated to the study of the formulation , which consists in the realization of lines that releases organic memory. To be able to do it, the server’s role is to offer its help and respond to the demands of those who paint. Before the children enter, the server is responsible for leaving everything ready and in good conditions. The cards are attached to the wall with pushpins and children can take a blank card to start drawing, or take the cardboard from the previous day to continue painting. The observer does not intervene, direct, or interpret the work, but induces interest.


Arno Stern published a book entitled “From children’s drawing to the Semiology of Expression“, which tells the research done over 60 years to find the answers to his questions. In it, knowledge is transmitted in a such way that makes you change the way to see things and will reveal capacities that we do not know we have, but are there.

So, what do you think, do you dare to change the way you see things?





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