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Arno Stern

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Arno Stern, was the founder of the school of creators and the principle of the Formulation. Due to the situation that Arno was experiencing in his country, many children were orphans and in unfortunate situations. One day he had to take care of them and due to his lack of knowledge of how to help them, he proposed to paint them, to which they agreed. 

The place where all this happened was a room of about 20m2, where Arno placed a table in the center with different colors. He gave each child a piece of paper where they should draw until at one point one child wants to work on a piece of paper twice the size of the rest. What happens in these cases is that when a child wants something, others want the same. Arno explains to them that if everyone wants the large wallpaper they will not fit on the table, so 7-year-old Marcell suggests that why not then paint on the wall. Since Arno wants to satisfy the needs of these children, he decides to cover the walls with paper. They begin to want to paint larger, so they give him a loft, and to gain more surface he puts wooden boards over the windows. This is the origin of the paint shop and the structure that allows it to function.

From 1967 to 1978 Arno traveled around the world looking for isolated populations in which Western culture has not penetrated, in which there is no school structure and in which there is no practice of drawing and paper is unknown, and painting with brush … Sometimes he makes long trips to find remote villages but has to discard them when he arrives and check that they have been visited by Western missionaries and are “contaminated”. Arno in these years realizes one thing and discovers that all the children in the world paint the same thing regardless of the environment where they are. Everyone thought that the triangle-square house that children paint is the house that they are used to seeing without stopping to think long whether they see it or not. Children all over the world paint the house the same even if they have never seen one. This universal way of drawing and painting is in our genetic code.

Arno is going to spend years studying what he is going to call formulation.

With all this, the idea of ​​theis configured creative school, where the child does not draw to tell something concrete but to express himself and represent his way of seeing the world. (Seeducansolos, 2011)

Escuela de Creadores

A class in the Creative School

The Closlieu is the space where people of different ages, children and adults, feel free to develop the game of painting freely, without judgment, without inhibitions and without competition. Without pretending anything, with the passion produced by carrying out an activity for the pleasure that the activity itself provides, without expecting any reward or fruit from said activity. Nothing that has to do with art is produced there, nothing that is made there, is made to be exhibited, nor does it intend to transmit any message. They simply want (Stern’s words) “that the person has the possibility of escaping from the surveillance of his reason to indulge in an unintentional act.” (CbanosPascual, 2017)


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