“Apps for good” is an innovation project promoted by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. It is an open source technology education movement that partners with educators in schools and learning centers to teach courses to young people from 10 to 18 years of age.

The objective of this project is for students in compulsory secondary and high school to work together to find everyday problems. Next, they learn to create an app or web to solve them.


Students will learn to ensure the spontaneous expression of students, the search for original, diversified and innovative solutions to the problem.

 Therefore, students have the support of teachers, who can facilitate their work, they also have the option of participating in video conferences with experts from Portugal and India.


What is sought with “Apps fo good” is that students think in an innovative way to create businesses where everyone has a specific role in the team.

I compared this with  Entrepreneurial Schools (Luxembourg) because they seem somewhat similar to me, that is, in both of them they look for young people to be entrepreneurs either working on the concept of creativity or innovation. The purpose is for young people to have a positive mindset and know how to adapt to live in the future.

The only difference that exists is that in the apps for good project, they make use of the new technologies.




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